Volunteer in Uganda, Africa

Have you ever considered doing voluntary work? Ever thought about doing your internship abroad? Why not Africa? Why not Uganda? Uganda, the pearl of Africa, has it all and Connexxion Trust International is more than happy to receive you!

Volunteerism and internships are important in that they help you gain valuable experience, help you narrow down major and career choices and assure you have meaningful experiences to discuss during job interviews. People decide to volunteer to boost their career opportunities and to change their and others lives to the better.

Imagine… every day sunshine, being surrounded by beautiful nature and being among very nice and hospitable people whom we believe you will find interesting and enjoyable to live with. Who in turn will find you interesting to interact with. You will be called “mzungu”, which means “white person”, because Ugandans are not very used to seeing them. You'll have opportunities to make friendships and to experience the challenges and successes of relationships in a foreign culture.

You’ll be integrated in community activities and will have to go back to the basics, including eating Ugandan staple foods (beans, banana, cassava, rice, potatoes, etc.), bathing from a bucket, and having limited communication like internet (which is not in homes), among other challenges. The majority of homes in the rural areas have no electricity, and most will not have indoor plumbing.

By participating in intercultural internships or volunteerism, you are making a commitment to live outside your comfort zone. If you embrace this setting, we certainly don't claim that it will be easy, only that it will be worth it.